Alumna Amelia Mazur

Meet alumna English + global studies alumna, Amelia Mazur

Meet Wayne State alumna, Amelia Mazur. Amelia graduated in the spring of 2019 with a bachelor of arts in English and a minor in global studies. Like most English majors, she was initially drawn to pursue an English degree because of her passion for reading and writing. Later on, however, she came to realize that she also had a strong interest in digital marketing and public relations.

Prompted by her interest in copywriting, Amelia accepted an internship role with the marketing department of The Henry Ford, where she gained experience writing and editing in a professional environment. During her final semester, she also had the opportunity to work as the writing and media intern for Wayne State’s English department. She found she was able to get the most out of her internship experiences by taking the Internship Practicum, which also allowed her to gain credits towards her major. Speaking to her own experiences, Amelia's internship projects with the English department were largely aimed at demystifying the notion that English majors will have a hard time finding a job after graduation.

Amelia recently accepted a full-time job as a social media engagement agent for Ford, where she will begin working in the coming weeks. The role will involve engaging with post-sale customer inquiries on social media, using language that adheres to the brand standards of Ford Motor Company. Interestingly, part of the hiring process required that she take a grammar and writing assessment before she could be considered for an interview.

For Amelia, this reaffirmed her decision to pursue an English degree, considering that her classes at Wayne State came to have a direct impact on her ability to get the job. That said, Amelia hopes that up-and-coming English majors will take pride in their English degree and work towards educating themselves, and others, about the reality of English majors being perfectly capable to get good jobs. All in all, we in the English department are wishing you the best, Amelia. We'll miss you!