Rushton Journal of Undergraduate Humanities Research call for submissions

The Rushton Journal of Undergraduate Humanities Research invites submissions for consideration for its inaugural issue to be published in 2024. We welcome scholarly work from WSU undergraduates in the humanities and related fields, e.g., anthropology, art history, communication, English, foreign languages, African American studies, history and philosophy.

Courtesy of the WSU Humanities Center, a Best Essay Prize ($250) will be awarded to the best essay published in each issue of the paper. To help celebrate the journal's inaugural issue, a Wayne State professor and member of the university's Academic Senate is also sponsoring six $50 prizes for runners-up to the Best Essay Prize.

Submission requirements

  • An original research paper of 2,000 to 6,000 words, including references and bibliography, written for an undergraduate course taken at Wayne State
  • An abstract of 150 words that describes the paper's argument and topic
  • To have your work considered for our inaugural issue, submit your paper by September 1, 2023.

    The Rushton Journal of Undergraduate Humanities Research is an annual interdisciplinary journal that publishes outstanding undergraduate scholarship. Edited by Wayne State students, the journal aims to build an intellectual community and enhance the undergraduate experience at Wayne State while creating new opportunities for students to receive recognition for their research.

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    If I am graduating this semester, can I submit a paper to be included in the journal?

    Yes! As long as the project was written for credit for an undergraduate course taken at Wayne State, we welcome and encourage you to submit the paper.

    I wrote an amazing paper for my class, and it has already been graded, but I would like to work on it some more and revise and edit it before I submit it for consideration. Is that okay?

    Yes! We encourage you to reach out to your instructor and go over their feedback on your paper so you can make it as polished as possible. As long as your foundational work for the paper was done as part of a WSU undergraduate course, your paper is eligible for submission.

    Will the journal be published in hard copy or online?

    Both! The journal will be published in hard copy and live online through WSU Libraries Digital Commons.

    I do not have a paper to submit but would love to be part of the editing and publishing process. What are my options?

    Register for the fall 2023 course, ENG 5695: Publishing Practicum. This course will be offered every fall semester and students in this course will be responsible for all aspects of publishing the journal, from reviewing and editing submissions and communicating with authors to choosing layout and design to marketing and publication. ENG 5695 is offered every semester; the fall course publishes the Rushton Journal of Undergraduate Humanities Research and the winter course publishes the Wayne Literary Review. The course may be taken up to three times for credit and the prerequisite for taking the course is having earned a C or better in AFS/ENG 2390 or ENG 3010, 3020 or 3050.

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