Five best moments to book an appointment with a writing tutor

College writing assignments can be challenging for many students. Fortunately, booking an appointment with a writing tutor can help! But when should you book an appointment? Here are the five best moments to book an appointment with a writing tutor.

1) When you don't know where to start.

Have you ever been assigned a paper and have no idea where to start? Come to The Writing Center! A writing tutor can go over the assignment directions and help kickstart the writing process. Tutors can guide students with brainstorming techniques, narrowing down topic ideas and creating outlines for an assignment. 

2) When you’ve just finished your rough draft.

After completing a rough draft, meeting with a writing tutor can be extremely helpful. Booking an appointment with a tutor after finishing a rough draft gives you the opportunity to ask questions, receive suggestions and see if you are on the right track. This feedback can help guide you when editing and completing your final draft.

3) When you are writing a personal statement.

Many students find writing personal statements stressful and challenging. Meeting with a writing tutor can help guide you through this process. Tutors can provide feedback, talk through ideas and give advice to help your statement stand out from the crowd.

4) When you receive feedback from your instructor.

Oftentimes, many students realize they could use tutoring after receiving feedback from an instructor. Booking an appointment with a writing tutor after getting instructor feedback can be useful to interpret the feedback and get advice based on the comments. This can help you build your writing skills and incorporate instructor suggestions into future writing assignments.

5) When you are stuck or have writer’s block.

Have you ever gotten stuck in the middle of an assignment and you don’t know how to proceed? A writing tutor can help! Discussing your writing struggles with a tutor can help you to get you back on track. A tutor can help you identify next steps, build your confidence and address any questions you might have about assignments. 

Ready to book your appointment? Visit and schedule a tutoring session today! We look forward to working with you.

By Haley Shier

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