Fall 2023 update from the English Chair Dr. Caroline Maun

I’m delighted to invite you to read the inaugural fall 2023 newsletter for the Wayne State University English department, Student Beat, Volume 1.1. Caroline smilingThanks to Graduate Program Specialist Laurean Butcher and to our student assistants Nyana Allen, B.A. ’24 and Rayan Elzein, B.A. ’25, it is comprehensive, informative and beautifully designed. The newsletter is a testament to the department's commitment to fostering a holistic educational experience for its students.

Our academic programs are distinguished by a robust and diverse curriculum that emphasizes interdisciplinary study. We are committed to challenging our students intellectually and equipping them with the skills necessary for successful careers in academia, education, publishing and other fields. A prime example of this commitment in action is the work of Ph.D. Candidate Kristi Morris, Ph.D. ’24. Kristi is preparing to defend her digital dissertation next month, a significant milestone as it represents the first multimodal dissertation at Wayne State. Her innovative work not only contributes to the academic community but also demonstrates how our program supports students in deepening and expanding their professional practices. Kristi's upcoming presentation at the Modern Language Association showcases the department's encouragement of scholarly engagement and professional development.

Complementing the academic rigor of the coursework are the extracurricular activities that the department encourages students to engage in. The newsletter features Kino Club 313 and the Wayne English Graduate Organization (WEGO).

We highlight the annual WaynePop conference as a notable event that showcases the department's focus on student leadership and scholarly exchange. The event featured a keynote address from Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, complemented by a screening of the 2019 horror film Sweetheart. Additionally, the newsletter celebrates the opening of the Humanities Commons, a new collaborative space on campus and the upcoming Rushton Journal, which provides students with an opportunity to contribute to the department's scholarly community by editing and publishing their work.

We celebrate the success of our recent graduates and the active participation of our students in national conferences. We are proud to note the appointments of recent graduates that reflect the high caliber of our program and their readiness to excel in their professions.

This newsletter serves as a source of inspiration, encouraging you to forge new connections, engage in scholarly, academic and extracurricular communities, initiate innovative projects and align your academic pursuits with your broader aspirations and dreams. We are committed to supporting you as you thrive.


Dr. Caroline Maun
Professor and chair

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