Samuel M. Levin Economics Lecture and Award

Each year, the Samuel M. Levin Endowed Award Fund gives out two awards and hosts a lecture. The first award is the Samuel M. Levin Economics Award and it is given to the author of an essay on economics. The second award is the Samuel M. Levin Economics Scholarship and it is given to a current graduate student in the Department of Economics.

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About Samuel M. Levin

The Professor Samuel M. Levin Endowed Award Fund was created by donations to the university to honor the distinguished educational leadership and scholarly contributions of the late Professor Emeritus Samuel M. Levin. Among his many books is Malthus and the Conduct of Life (1967). He was also the author of many essays on education, labor, population, and technology.

Professor Levin served the university and its predecessor institutions for 43 years. Initially in charge of all social science teaching at the College of the City of Detroit (later, Wayne University), he was the first chairman of the Department of Economics, a position he occupied until 1953. His papers are collected in the Reuther Archives of the university.


Year Speaker Title
2019 Phillip Cook, Duke University Policing Gun Violence: Why we can and should improve arrest rates in shooting cases
2018 Gary (Hoov) Hoover, Chair of the Department of Economics, Distinguished Presidential Professorship, University of Oklahoma Plagiarism in the Social Sciences
2017 Jens Ludwig, McCormick Foundation professor of social service administration, law and public policy, University of Chicago Human Decisions and Machine Predictions
2016 Henry S. Farber Factors Determining Callbacks to Job Application by the Unemployed: An Audit Study
2015 Dr. Robert H. Frank Success and Luck: A Personal Perspective
2014 Dr. Rodney Fort 15 Sports Myths and Why They are Wrong
2013 John Austin Foundations of Michigan's Economy
2012 Doron Levin, Forbes Magazine Journalism in the Digital Age
2011 Dr. Sean P. McAlinden, Executive Vice President of Research, Chief Economist, The Center for Automotive Research Not All the Way Back...Michigan's Auto Industry in Recovery
2010 Professor Charles Ballard, Michigan State University Michigan's Economic Transformation
2009 Richard Blouse, President of the Detroit Regional Chamber Translinked
2006 Jonathan Gruber
2005 George Chow
2004 Alan Krueger
2003 Richard Cooper
2001 Robert Shiller
2000 Patric Hendershott
1999 Anthony Snatomero
1998 Mark Pauly
1997 Jeffrey Sachs
1995 Peter Pashigian
1994 Vernon Smith
1993 Sherwin Rosen
1992 Ronald Wonnacott
1991 Michelle White
1989 Richard Arnott

Endowed scholarship awardees

Year Awardee
2016 Mohammad Usama Toseef
2015 Ashley Binion-Zuccaro
2014 Anthony Shkrelja
2013 Ahlam El Yaman
2013 Steven Girodat
2012 Daniel Pastor
2011 Elham Mahmoudi
2010 Joshua Hendrickson
2009 Edmundo Reyes
2008 Susanne Buesselmann
2007 Christopher Brunt
2006 Maia Platt
2005 Alexander Barfield
2004 Jing Zhou
2003 Xiao Xu
2002 Xiao Xu
2001 Yingzi Su
2000 David Kalist
1999 Maria Bulycheva
1998 Noelle Molinari
1996 Ronald Scott Humphreys
1995 Samuel Imarhiagbe
1994 Mehmet Balcilar
1993 William Barber
1992 Zuohong Pan
1992 James Warsinski
1991 James Luke
1991 Zhiyuan Zhou
1990 Fan Zhang
1989 John Sase
1988 Anping Liu
1987 Muhammad Mustafa
1985 Petros Ioannatos
1984 Rodolfo Ledesma
1983 Nitin Paranjpe
1981 Michael Leidy
1980 Mafidul Islam
1977 Daniel Taylor
1976 Marc Gold
1976 Ely Rosenzweig
1974 Paul Scmhitt
1973 Roger Trenary
1971 Joseph Velky
1970 Dennis Ellis
1969 Gordon McMeekin
1968 Yasuhisa Hosomatau
1968 Werner Schelzig
1966 Ralph Kolinski
1965 Vithal Vartikar
1964 Heidemarie Sherman
1962 William Gillen