Student Mallory Downs

Intern Spotlight: Mallory Downs

Mallory Downs recounts her recently completed an internship at the prosecutor's office

Interning at the prosecutor’s office was a wonderful experience. Everyone there was extremely busy, and there was plenty going on that I could observe. The office was fast-paced so I had to ask around to find projects to work on. I learned a great deal reading case files, watching interrogation and police cam videos, meeting judges and observing trials.

There are different units and divisions within the prosecutor’s office such as the Homicide Unit, Child Abuse Unit, Elder Abuse Unit and Appeals Division. I requested to work in the Child Abuse Unit and was lucky enough to be placed there. Everyone there was friendly, helpful and willing to give me work to do. The office was also flexible with my work schedule. I was able to attend a lie detector test at the Northville State Police Lab and attend trials at different courthouses throughout Wayne County.

There are many ins and outs to the job that I would have never realized until experiencing it first-hand. I was able to help the Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys prepare their trial binders, see all the elements needed to prove the case and how to organize and present them in court. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in law.