H. Bernhard Schlegel honored at ACS Fall 2022

The American Chemical Society Fall 2022 in Chicago held a symposium in honor of H. Bernhard Schlegel: 40 Years of Exploring Potential Energy Surfaces.

Professor Schlegel is a pioneer and leader in the development of algorithms for exploring potential energy surfaces with quantum chemical methods. The symposium was organized by Hrant Hratchian (Ph.D. 2005, WSU), Xiaosong Li (Ph.D. 2003, WSU) and Wen Li. After two years in the industry, he began research at Wayne State University Chemistry as an assistant professor in 1980 and became a full professor in 1986.

In 2011, he became a distinguished professor. Over the course of his career, Professor Schlegel has won the American Chemical Society Award for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research and is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow of the American Chemical Society and member of the Academy of Scholars of Wayne State University, among others. Schlegel has published more than 400 peer-reviewed papers.

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