ECS student chapter fosters community

The Electrochemical Society (ECS) Detroit Student Chapter - the first of its kind in Michigan - entered its third year with five new executive committee members and 15 general members working under the supervision of faculty advisors Long Luo and Ankun Yang.

The chapter works to make a common platform for people interested in electrochemistry and electrocatalysis by arranging workshops and seminars on research tools and career guidelines, hosted by experts from industry and academia. The chapter has also carried out multiple virtual events since its inception.

Recently, the chapter hosted
its annual three-day workshop conducted by Drs. Luo and Lang, where they discussed topics ranging from the fundamentals of electrochemistry to its applied field, giving the utmost importance to advanced batteries.
These events improve the analytical and leadership skills of students and professionals in the field of electrochemistry. The chapter also arranges get-togethers among its members to encourage a friendly collaborative environment.

The ECS Detroit Student Chapter looks forward to organizing more exciting events! For more information and further updates, follow the chapter on Twitter @ECS_Detroit or email

By Faria Sultana

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