Celebrating safety 

Linz lab at the safety party
The Linz Lab took first place at the safety party

The chemistry department held its inaugural Safety Party and Contest in December 2019. In addition to food, drinks, and topical music — including “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats — the party included the culmination of two safety contests, a raffle, and a game. Raffle tickets were awarded to students and other researchers throughout the year when they were observed wearing proper personal protective equipment in the lab. Raffle prizes included gift certificates to local restaurants and memorabilia with department and WSU logos.
Students were also invited to participate in a quiz bowl-style competition with questions on chemical safety, Wayne State University and Detroit. First place went to the Lintz Lab, with second place going to the Allen Lab. Both labs received cash prizes to support lab outings. The party was sponsored by the department and Dean Stephanie Hartwell of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We look forward to restarting this tradition once the pandemic is over. 

By Tamara Hendrickson 

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