News and announcements

Growing crops in the city
Biological Sciences Research Retreat 2022
Dr. Athar Ansari wins funding from National Institute of Health to study coordination of the transcription cycle
Students from the Kashian lab bring nature to the residents of Westlake Health Campus
Wayne State Peregrine Falcons wrap up a record (and dramatic) season
Wayne State mourns the passing of Professor Tony Hough
Wayne State CLAS Across the Globe: Summer Research Map 2022
Biological sciences students lobby in Washington
The Natural History Museum introduces new summer hours
Ph.D. student selected for the Large Lake Champion Award
Grad student receives Armstrong-Bromel Award for Inspirational Teaching and Mentoring
Faculty, staff and students mourn the passing of Biological Sciences Professor Robert Arking
‘We do things a little differently here’: Biology graduate, future WSU doctor ready to serve
CLAS (Virtual) Undergraduate Research Symposium celebrates #ResearchInDetroit
Biological sciences professor awarded NIEHS grant to study pollution
Wayne State grad programs ranked among nation's best
Graduate student Katrina Lewandowski joins the Nature Conservancy’s Michigan Board of Trustees
Biological sciences department celebrates commencement's return
Winners from the Biological Sciences Research Retreat 2021
Dr. Justin Kenney receives NIH award to study genetic basis of behavior
Moving towards a sustainable future in urban areas
Wayne State receives $1.97 million NIH grant to provide research training to undergraduates
Biology student spends the summer working in the aspen forests
Bio students win at the CLAS Undergraduate Research Symposium
Students come out on top in Wayne State community partnership initiative