Sound Studio

The AVTC features a multimedia studio equipped to work with audio/visual material in all formats. The studio is available for use by faculty members, and our technical staff is always on hand to provide any assistance necessary.

Reserve the Sound Studio

Studio services

Media conversion

  • Audio cassette to CD
  • Film slides to digital images
  • Foreign videos converted for domestic players
  • Media converted to/from web-based formats such as MP3, MP4, WMV and QuickTime
  • VHS to DVD

Media production

  • CD/DVD duplication
  • Complete audio/video recording and editing capabilities
  • Edit and compile film clips
  • Multimedia content creation for classroom and Canvas
  • Screen capture videos for PowerPoint lectures
  • Subtitles for video


Multimedia Digitizing Station

  • Capture media content from web pages and burn it to a CD or DVD. Copy and change the region code of foreign videos
  • Convert old cassette tapes into shiny new CDs, or turn those clunky VHS tapes into sleek DVDs

Video Editing Station

  • Create custom DVDs of lectures, student presentations and special events
  • Edit and compile movie clips from multiple films on one disc

Recording Studio

  • Create your own course content for classroom, Canvas or podcasts