Ashleigh standing in front of a research poster

Alumni Spotlight: Ashleigh Anderson, '18

Ashleigh Anderson is winter 2018 graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Public Health program. Read her story to hear about how public health led her to pursue nursing.

Why did you choose public health as a degree of study at Wayne State University?

I always say that rather than me choosing public health, it chose me. I started off as a pre-nursing student at the university, but public health became my major when I didn't initially get into nursing school. This major was just being piloted and it appealed to me because of its focus on preventative measures in health care. After all, if people aren't sick in the first place, what's the need in treating them? The curriculum aligned with my nursing prerequisites and it wasn't overly science-based. The major allowed me to take on a new perspective on health care while preparing for nursing school afterward.

What career or education path did you pursue after completing the program?

My time in the public health program really allowed me to develop my passion for maternal and infant health. I will be attending the University of Detroit Mercy fall 2018 for a second degree in nursing. They have an accelerated 16-month program for students with degrees in other disciplines to obtain a BSN and take the NCLEX for RN licensure. Upon becoming an RN, I want to pursue an MSN to become either a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Midwife.

How did the public health major prepare you for success after graduation?

I think the major prepared me for success after graduation because of my exposure to public health practice through PH 4100/4150/5100. During my time with Make Your Date and Henry Ford Hospital, I not only had patient interaction but formed relationships that really helped with my nursing school application.

What advice would you give to current students to ensure they make the most out of their public health experience?

My advice to current students is to really seek every opportunity the program has to offer. Whether you're a preprofessional student like myself or even seeking an M.P.H., broaden your resume during your time in the program as it will come in handy for your next educational endeavor if you choose to take it further.