Antonio holding a peace corps flag

Alumni Spotlight: Antonio Mercatante, '18

Antonio Mercatante is winter 2018 graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Public Health program. Currently, he is starting his Peace Corps journey in Mongolia. Antonio shares his experience in the BSPH program.

Why did you choose public health as a degree of study at Wayne State University? 

I have always been interested in the field of public health and when Wayne State University decided to announce an undergraduate program for it I did not hesitate to make it my major. Knowing this was a program in its infancy, I saw an opportunity to become involved with the development of a new program at the university and to be a part of the foundation for future students who also shared the passion of public health.

What career or education path did you pursue after completing the program?

After completing the undergraduate public health program at Wayne State University I made the decision to join the Peace Corps and become a public health volunteer in Mongolia where I perform a multitude of responsibilities that range from the prevention of non-communicable diseases in communities to teaching health classes at secondary schools in both rural and urban environments, putting the knowledge and skills that I have attained from the program to work overseas.

How did the public health major prepare you for success after graduation?

I believe that the undergraduate public health program at Wayne State University has prepared me for success after graduation by teaching me how to be flexible and driven in challenging situations to attain goals despite various barriers to the health of a community.

What advice would you give to current students to ensure they make the most out of their public health experience?

If I were to offer advice to current students in the public health program, I would say to be as open to new experiences as possible, try everything once to see what you like and dislike, and do not think that the field of public health is limited. There are endless possibilities of what you can do with a public health education. Ultimately, the choice is yours with what you will do with it and where it will take you.