Portrait of Shanique Brown

Shanique Brown: Research that's helping teams succeed

Shanique joined the department as an assistant professor of industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology in August 2016 after completing her doctoral training at DePaul University in Chicago.

Her research focuses on two domains that are central to organizational behavior. The first area of research focuses on judgment and decision making with the goal of understanding factors related to effective decision making and, ultimately, job performance.

I am grateful to be a member of the Wayne State psychology department, which is home to many esteemed scholars and students eager to learn. I am very committed to further developing my research program, helping our diverse student body to succeed, and collaborating with members of the department in pursuit of my research goals.

Brown's previous research on decision making explored individual differences (i.e., decision-making styles, working memory) as factors influencing decision behaviors in the workplace. Her second major research area is team effectiveness, with a special focus on team composition and shared cognition.

The goal of her line of research on team effectiveness is to identify interventions to help teams, which are often composed of members with diverse backgrounds and expertise, to better integrate ideas and capitalize on their collective strengths.