Graduate Certificate in Peace and Security Studies

Wayne State's peace and security studies graduate certificate represents a unique added credential, with education on prevention of violence, peaceful borders and social boundaries that prepares graduates for work in areas such as social service, diplomacy, education, public service, theology, security management and law enforcement.

This certificate program, with its emphasis on peaceful borders, is the only one of its type in Michigan and is ideal for students undertaking master's level study or who have completed an accredited graduate degree.

About studies in peace and security

The upwelling of violent disputes, civil disruption, military campaigns, human rights controversies and security concerns worldwide has led to new emphasis on constructive intervention and positive solutions to violent human confrontations. Concern about ethnic tensions, terrorism, border conflict, immigration, weapons flows, alternate security perspectives and violence at home and abroad create a great need for understanding the circumstances and means by which peace is threatened, reinforced and preserved. On the interpersonal level, issues of abuse, violence and incivility also must be addressed.

Credibility in this field requires the study of violence, security and peace-related issues from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. Among these are ethical, legal, political, social, geographic, economic and psychological. Through introductory and elective courses, students should gain familiarity with the sources and control of human violence, with issues ranging from identity and aggression to security and conciliatory policy, geographic and functional boundaries.

This emerging field has been developed in professional-level programs at universities such as Notre Dame, San Diego, George Mason, Georgetown, MIT, Yale, Maryland and Tufts.

Career insights

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