Wayne State sets record for world's largest periodic table

The Wayne State University Department of Chemistry set the record for the world's largest periodic table on Mole Day 2019. Celebrated annually on Oct. 23, Mole Day commemorates "Avogadro's Number" (6.02 x 1023), which is a basic unit of measurement in chemistry.

Measuring 195,000 square feet, the table was the result of a collaboration with student chemistry clubs from Wayne State, UM-Dearborn, UM-Flint, University of Detroit Mercy and Lawrence Tech.

More than 150 volunteers came together over the past month to paint the 120 tarps used to create the table.

"Our volunteers have been amazing," said Sue White, a lab manager in Wayne State's Department of Chemistry. "Students from all five participating universities have been painting these elements on Sundays for 12-14 hours per day."

After dismantling the table, WSU will donate the tarps to chemistry clubs located in hurricane-affected countries to help protect homes from wind and rain damage.

All participating universities are a part of the American Chemical Society's Detroit Section which also helped to fund this project.

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