Wayne State professor appointed to American Physical Society's 2021 "Snowmass Process"

Wayne State Physics Professor Alexey A. Petrov

Wayne State University Physics Professor Alexey A. Petrov has been named a Convener for the 2021 long-term planning exercise of the US High Energy Physics (HEP) community.

This study, known as "the Snowmass process," is organized by the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society. Snowmass takes place approximately once a decade and brings together junior and senior scientists from across the globe to identify the most pressing issues in the field of particle physics and the research needed to answer them.

As a convener, Petrov is one of the twenty-nine physicists tasked with devising the strategy and direction of the United States' future efforts in particle physics research. Along with his co-conveners, he will be leading the Frontier for Rare Processes and Precision Measurements.

They will coordinate activities leading up to the 2021 Summer Study meeting in Seattle, culminating in a report detailing the physics background and goals for American physicists' participation in domestic and international particle physics experiments in the next decade, ideas for the new experiments, and theoretical research activities.

"It's an honor to be selected to co-lead the Snowmass process," says Petrov. "I feel that this fact recognizes the strength of particle physics research done at Wayne State and brings additional spotlight to our University".

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