UrbanDisruption@Wayne symposium

Wayne State will host a symposium that highlights the work of faculty and advanced graduate students across the social sciences and humanities that addresses how inequities and power result from or lead to urban disruptions. Wayne has a long and notable history of urban scholarship, in fields as diverse as Africana studies, anthropology, criminal justice, economics, history, political science, sociology, and urban studies and planning.

The symposium seeks to build on this tradition by highlighting the work of Wayne's current scholars (and those from nearby institutions). Notably, while previous Wayne scholars focused on North American places, scholars at Wayne today study urban places across the globe, from Europe and the Middle East to Asia, Africa, and South America, while continuing to be a leading voice in understanding urban places in North America.

Please RSVP letting Dr. Rayman Mohamed, rayman.mohamed@wayne.edu, know if you will be there for the entire/most of the program including lunch or for a specific session. Graduate students are welcome, particularly doctoral students.

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