New tutoring partnership with Detroit United Lacrosse benefits WSU and DPS students alike

Local lacrosse coach Summer Aldred and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Stephanie Hartwell share a passion for helping their community. A chance encounter and that shared mission led to the development of the Warrior United Tutoring Program to support Detroit K-12 students.

Wayne State University and Detroit United Lacrosse, which Aldred co-founded, partnered together this past semester to organize free tutoring at the Durfee Innovation Center. Tutoring sessions are hosted twice a week after school and welcome all K-12 students. The space provides enough room for parents to stay should they so choose. Kids doing homework

An after-school program for local kids has been on the dean's agenda. "I wanted to connect with the Detroit Rec Center to recruit kids who live in the area and are active in their community," said Hartwell. Aldred already had an established plan for a tutoring program, so she reached out to Hartwell for assistance to bring the plan to fruition. Thanks to donors, Hartwell had the means to create a paid internship for Wayne State student tutors.

The students have a wide range of expertise in areas like math, English, and a range of sciences. This program is easy to access for students and parents. There is a form on the Detroit United Lacrosse website, where parents can sign up for their children. "Everyone needs tutoring and access to tutoring, which can be expensive," said Hartwell. "It's a good environment for kids to come and get any help they may need."

Kids playing lacrosse"We have currently reached 47 children from all across Detroit." shared Aldred. Kids from elementary through high school can come in for assistance with schoolwork. Some students require active tutoring with subjects such as math. Some just come to finish homework and have one of the tutors review it once it's completed.

Hartwell and Aldred would like to continue to grow this initiative. According to Aldred, the Detroit City Recreational Lacrosse program, in partnership with Detroit Parks and Recreation, currently serves kids in five locations across the city. They hope to expand tutoring to a total of eight sites by 2027.

"I hope it becomes something that the college does routinely year after year," said Hartwell. "I like to see our students go out into the community, meet the kids that live there and see the work community clubs do for families in the neighborhoods."

Wayne State students interested in tutoring can email for more information.

By Nia K. Moore, Wayne State CLAS public relations associate

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