National Science Foundation grant will enhance computing hardware at Wayne State 

Wayne State University's Department of Physics and Astronomy and Computing & Information Technology have been awarded nearly $400k for high-performance computing hardware from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Campus Cyberinfrastructure program.

This innovative hardware will be used with WSU research projects in computational chemistry, modeling complex materials, and nuclear physics among others.

The project, titled "Campus Computing and the Computing Continuum: Campus Cluster Resource: Expanded High-Performance Computing at Wayne State," will be led by David Cinabro, chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Patrick Gossman, deputy CIO of computing and information technology at Wayne State.

"Wayne State is doing a great deal of science on its existing high-performance computing (HPC) system," said Cinabro. "This award will allow us to add new computers with fast processors, large internal memory, and graphical processing unit cards to satisfy the most demanding HPC needs. These will not only greatly expand the amount of science we are able to do, but also aid our teaching in programs such as the new master's degree in data science."

The NSF's Campus Cyberinfrastructure program invests in coordinated campus-level networking and cyberinfrastructure improvements, innovation, integration and engineering for science applications and distributed research projects.

To date, this NSF program has contributed nearly $2,000,000 in computing and cyberinfrastructure at Wayne State.

The NSF award number for this grant is 1925467.

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