Five faculty receive CLAS Teaching Awards

2022 CLAS Teaching Award Recipients

Five College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) faculty members have been recognized for extraordinary achievements in teaching. While all CLAS faculty have dedicated their careers to the highest standard in education and research, this year's Teaching Award recipients have been noted as particularly inspiring by students and colleagues alike.

Established in 2007, the CLAS Teaching Awards honor faculty for their influence on students and commitment to upholding Wayne State University's reputation for academic excellence. The recipients were chosen by a faculty committee comprised of last year's winners.

This year, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recognizes the following faculty for exemplary dedication to their craft.

Justin Kenney

Justin Kenney, Department of Biological Sciences

This award recognizes Kenney's commitment to mentoring and training students in the laboratory. Students cite his excellent organization, enthusiasm for the material and responsiveness. Even more remarkable is how often students share that his courses have changed the trajectory of their education and career plans.

Hannah Schacter

Hannah Schacter, Department of Psychology

Schacter is dedicated to making WSU a better place for faculty and students alike. She recently participated in a Faculty Learning Community in which she worked with colleagues to study and implement pedagogical techniques that could help build a sense of community in online classes. Their collaborative endeavor resulted in the development of several "best practices" in online teaching to promote student belonging and psychological safety. In addition, Schacter continuously goes above and beyond in teaching and mentoring.

Mark Satta

Mark Satta, Department of Philosophy

Satta has been recognized for his commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all Wayne State students. What's more, he meets the needs and interests of students. He recently developed and taught two new courses which use his own expertise in law. Both courses are trailblazing in the field of philosophy, departing from the "standard" list of courses and instead embracing new applications of philosophy that bring it to life for WSU students.

Dajena Tomco

Dajena Tomco, Department of Chemistry

Tomco works tirelessly to support and mentor both grad and undergrad students. She is enthusiastic and passionate, with an excellent teaching record, supported by high SET scores. Tomco is highly committed to communicating science to general education audiences as well as chemistry majors and minors.

Yunshuang Zhang

Yunshuang Zhang, Department of Classical and Modern, Languages, Literatures and Cultures

This award recognizes Zhang for outstanding teaching quality and commitment, far exceeding the expectations of a junior faculty member. She has taken on many responsibilities to help increase enrollment and retention and has built a strong rapport with her students, creating an inviting and supportive learning environment.

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