2018 CLAS Teaching Awards presented to six faculty members

Six College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) professors and lecturers have been recognized for extraordinary achievements in teaching. While all CLAS faculty members have dedicated their careers to the highest standard in education and research, this year's CLAS Teaching Award recipients have been noted as particularly inspiring by students and colleagues alike.

Established in 2007, the CLAS Teaching Awards honor faculty for their influence on students and commitment to upholding Wayne State University's reputation for academic excellence. The recipients were chosen by a faculty committee comprised of last year's winners.

The following individuals are recipients of the 2018 CLAS Teaching Awards:

Nicole ColemanNicole Coleman, Department of Classical and Modern Languages

Professor Coleman teaches German and global studies. This teaching award recognizes her innovative pedagogic practices and instructional technology. She demonstrates dedication to her students through a student-centered course design in which she focuses on their skill development.

Christopher KellyChristopher Kelly, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Professor Kelly is one of the key instructors for the biomedical physics program. In addition to his excellent teaching, this mentoring award recognizes his superb mentoring of students, especially numerous undergraduate students through Richard Barber summer research program.

Charles KlahmCharles Klahm, Department of Criminal Justice

Professor Klahm has a diverse teaching load that includes six different courses taught online and in-person at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His mentoring award recognizes his exceptional contributions as a coordinator of the department's Justice and Society Learning Community.

Julie LesnikJulie Lesnik, Department of Anthropology

Professor Lesnik is the sole teaching instructor for biological anthropology both at undergraduate and graduate levels. This teaching award recognizes her emphasis on hands-on learning and an eye to relevance in the contemporary world. Her innovative approach to instruction is exemplified by her latest publication titled "modeling Genetic Complexity in the Classroom" in The American Biology Teacher.

Andrea MattiAndrea Matti, Department of Chemistry

Professor Matti teaches general and analytical lab as well as general chemistry. This teaching award recognizes her exceptional teaching style which engages students through group problem solving, creating and incorporating iClicker questions and guided inquiry worksheets.

Hilary FoxHilary Fox, Department of English

This teaching award recognizes Professor Fox's outstanding contributions to both undergraduate and graduate education in the department. Professor Fox, who teaches British literature, is generous with advising students through the development of many graduate student workshops and has been a regular participant in AP Day and other open house events.

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