Portrait of Kash'e Tate

Become acquainted with Kash'e Tate

Kash’e Tate is one of the Department of Mathematics undergraduate students. She is currently a graduating senior working on earning a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics and statistics. She also works in the Math Resource Center as a tutor. 

Kash'e is not a new face to Wayne State University. She first came to the campus a middle school student in the Math Corps where she discovered her love for Mathematics. She started working at Wayne State University in 2013 while in high school as a teaching assistant under the Math Corps program. As a teaching assistant (TA), she tutored math to middle school and high school students.

She continued as a TA throughout her years in high school. Intrigued by the diverse WSU college atmosphere and her love of math, Kash’e decided to enroll as a student. She went on to become a College Instructor in Math Corps and an Undergraduate Assistant (UA) for the Center for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics. During this period, she was a (UA) for MAT 0993 Beginning Algebra and MAT 1050 College Algebra (now MAT 1070). In the fall of 2018, Kash’e began tutoring for the Math Resource Center and the Academic Success Center. 

Prior to joining the Math Corps, Kash'e detested mathematics. Math Corps gave her the opportunity to become fully immersed and intrigued by mathematics, and helped her to understand how it could be used in the real world. She was no longer learning about simple math concepts. She was instead introduced to college-level math concepts and fell in love with the complexity of the field of mathematics. Kash’e’s passion for teaching mathematics comes from wanting to give other students the same opportunity she had. She hopes to give students who dislike mathematics an experience that will ultimately show them the beauty in its complexity. 

Kash’e plans to pursue a master of arts degree in applied mathematics.