Yale mathematician Gregory Margulis to lead 2018 Owens Lecture

Gregory MargulisProfessor Gregory Margulis from Yale University will be the lecturer at the Department of Mathematics' 2018 Owens Lecture.

A Fields Medalist and Wolf Prize winner, Margulis is a world-renowned mathematician whose research interests include Lei groups, dynamical systems, number theory, and combinatorics.

The lecture takes place at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18 in WSU's Bernath Auditorium, located in the Undergraduate Library.

Margulis will discuss applications of homogeneous dynamics to the study of the distribution of values of indefinite quadratic forms in n variables, n>2, at integral points.

The Owens Lecture, supported by the generous contribution from the Owen Fund, is an annual public research event in the math department, open to people who are interested in mathematics and its applications.

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