Undergraduate mathematics major publishes article in prestigious journal

The "American Mathematical Monthly" has accepted an article for publication that was written by undergraduate mathematics major Scott Ginebaugh. The Monthly is widely regarded as the world's most prestigious journal for expository mathematics.

Transcendental numbers are numbers that cannot be obtained by solving algebraic equations. The most well-known transcendental numbers are e and π. Representing such numbers presents a difficult challenge because their decimal expansions contain no repeating patterns. Representation by infinite products is both an inherently interesting approach and also of computational use.

Under the supervision of Professor Peiyong Wang, undergraduate student Scott Ginebaugh took on the challenging project of finding Wallis or Catalan-type infinite product representations of fractional powers of e. Scott generalized previously known results and largely solved an open conjecture. Ginebaugh found two beautiful formulas that will appear in the "American Mathematical Monthly" with their proofs.

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