Environmental Science and Geology provides students with two learning community opportunities

The Department of Environmental Science and Geology is excited to provide students with two learning communities (LC). In learning communities, small groups of students with similar interests work closely together in a "community of learners." Students, along with advanced student mentors and a faculty advisor, study, socialize and problem-solve together.

The Sustainability Learning Community will connect students who share an interest in learning more about local and global sustainability issues and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This LC provides the opportunity for Wayne State University students from diverse backgrounds and any major who are interested in learning how to personally live in a manner that supports ecologically, socially, and economically healthy environments and communities.

To participate in this community, students will register for ESG 1500 (CRN: 17628) for fall 2021. First-year students participating in this community are also encouraged to participate in the Sustainability Living Learning Community where students can live in on-campus housing with other students from the Sustainability LC. For 2021-22, the Sustainability LLC will be located in Chatsworth Suites.

The Environmental Sciences and Sustainability Learning Community is for students in the Ecology and the Environment (BIO 3500) course but is specially designed for students seeking deeper exposure to issues in environmental science and sustainability. Students will have opportunities for active learning in small-group settings, which will include weekly hangouts, discussion groups, eco-talks, review sessions, outings, internships and career events.

Members of the learning community will deepen their understanding of urban sustainability and have opportunities to expand their networks through interaction with practitioners in the greater urban Detroit community. Students will learn about career paths for environmental science majors and minors and have access to academic support to synthesize information from the ecology and the environment course.

Participation in the Environmental Sciences and Sustainability Learning Community will enrich students' academic experience at Wayne State, help them build relationships with other students, faculty members, and professionals in the field, and better prepare them for graduate programs, careers, and understanding the role of environmental science and sustainability in everyday life.

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