Student Mitchell Ford

Meet math economics student Mitchell Ford

A Q&A with economics major, Mitchell Ford (May 2017).

What are you doing now, and what are your career plans?

I am completing a degree in economics honors as well as mathematical economics this semester. For the past three years I have worked at the Wayne State Academic Success Center as an economics tutor, and this year I have helped create the new Financial Literacy Program also within the Academic Success Center. After graduation, I will be working at Ford Motor Company (no relation, unfortunately) as a data scientist on Ford's connected and autonomous vehicle initiatives.

How have the economics courses and training you had at Wayne State University been helpful to you?

The courses I have taken have helped me develop the skills I will need in my career going forward. Particularly the additional understanding of statistics I have received through the mathematics portion of the mathematical economics major. I feel that the economics courses I have taken will very useful regardless of where my career takes me, as economics helps explain how the world and society function.

What advice would you have for current and future students in economics?

Even if you aren't in the mathematical economics program take as many math courses as you can, don't stop with what is required. As I tell students I mentor in the Financial Literacy Program, building strong numeracy skills is the best way to unlock your potential. This is true of a field like economics, as well as personal finance.