Emerging Scholars Program Application

Wayne State’s Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) is a special honors-level calculus and pre-calculus program designed to support students who want and/or need to excel in mathematics and who are willing to do the hard work that is required for such success. It is available to students in MAT 1800, MAT 2010 and MAT 2020.

About ESP

Any student who hopes to pursue a degree or career in science, engineering, medicine, mathematics or math education is strongly urged to take his/her math courses within ESP.

In ESP, students enroll in specially designated sections of MAT 1800, 2010 and 2020, taught by specially trained faculty. You'll attend a two-hour workshop, twice a week, where you'll work together in groups on challenging problems, gaining a much deeper understanding of the mathematics that you're studying. Students are at all times held to high standards and high expectations.

Getting into ESP

Since ESP is an honors program, you must apply in order to be admitted. However, unlike most honors programs, ESP does not have any entrance requirements in terms of GPA or past performance in math. Dedication to learning and a commitment to excellence are the qualities ESP looks for in its students.


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