CLAS of 2025

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) is proud to welcome its newest Warriors to campus! We asked first-year students about their dreams and plans for the next four years and beyond. This is the "CLAS" of 2025!

  • Samuel WomackComputer science

    I want to create apps and games that inspire, teach and help people to get away from the struggles of everyday life.

  • Marinel PerezPsychology

    I chose Wayne State because of the diverse community, education and how I was familiar with the university.

  • Ryan McNeillPolitical science, minor in law

    I want to really change this world for the better. I want to bring humanity together, to preserve this earth and make it better, cleaner, and more inclusive for my kids and their kids. I want to fix the disconnect with people; we are all human, we are one people!

  • Marianne SalmanBiological sciences, minor in Arabic

    Biology and medicine go hand-in-hand. I want to be a role model to young women who are curious about STEM and take further strides in ending misogyny within the healthcare system and medical field. If I can help or change something or someone for the better, I will.

  • Noah FosterEconomics, minor in political science

    I chose economics because I want to learn about the world from a numbers aspect and economics gives me the opportunity to do so. I chose Wayne State because of the great football program and even better academics as well as the urban setting.

  • Shemaiah LawlerCriminal justice

    I choose this major because I saw that there was not a lot of representation of Black people in the justice system. I would like to change that because the system seems to target the Black community.

  • Nicholas LoewengruberEnglish

    The one impact I want to make on the world is resonance. I want the stories I tell and their overarching themes to make connections, not just with myself, but allow for discussion and connection with others.

  • Anna RushinBiological sciences

    I choose biological sciences because of my passion to learn more about animals and the environment and how they impact one another. I want to one day teach people about animals and how we can share this world with them.

  • Robert EnochBiological sciences, minor in neuroscience

    I want to become a surgeon and lead an initiative to find a cure for cancer or other pressing diseases. A problem I’d like to fix in society would be to create an equal healthcare system for everybody. In 10 years, I see myself achieving my dreams, as well as changing lives.

  • Aryca TubbsPsychology, minor in public health

    I want to encourage the social acceptance of mental health and finally be able to help those with psychological issues.

  • David FoustCriminal justice

    I want to help people and make the world a better place. I want to fix injustice. I'm excited to grow and become the best me I can possibly be.

  • Harmanpreet KaurBiological sciences

    I want to serve humanity and I will try my best to become a good doctor.

  • Faith HowardEnglish, minor in pre-law

    I believe societal change is possible so long as we each individually orient ourselves in that direction. There is only so much I can do as a Black woman in America, but it is my personal goal to insert myself into dominant spaces and change institutional disparity as much as I possibly can.

  • Bianca RileyPsychology

    I want to help solve the problems no one is paying attention to, the mental illnesses going untreated, the children in emotionally abusive households, the adults who never learned to communicate, etc.!

  • Nikki HartleyPolitical science, minor in public health and economics

    I want to empower communities to hold their leaders accountable; be part of the movement educating on the vitality of good physical and mental health, and help mold a world where we are all humanized.

  • Laila BradshawCriminal justice, minor in pre-law

    I want to fix inequality. There are times where people get treated unfairly within the court because of race, gender, religious beliefs and more. I want that to be erased as much as possible.

  • Mustafa AlnasriBiological sciences

    I chose Wayne State because of my friend who enrolled but sadly he didn’t make it because of COVID. I want to help as many people as I can.

  • TiAnna RivesPsychology, minor in forensics

    I have always been the friend that helps and encourages. I was inspired because I felt helping people understand their emotions and mindsets was for me and it calms me as well.

  • Saif MatloobBiological sciences, minor in pre-clinical lab science

    One thing that inspired me to choose clinical lab science is that I've always wanted to do research on blood tissue and bodily fluids. I want to find new treatments for all diseases and injuries so that people can live longer and healthier lifestyles.

  • Teayona ContrerasPsychology, minor in criminal justice

    I want to make it known that it's okay to get help, it's okay to be sad. It's okay to open up and express your feelings and what's hurting you. I want to fix the problem where people think they have to hold their problems in.

  • Joslyn DozierBiological sciences

    I want to make people feel safe, especially my fellow African American women. I'd like to be the face they see before they go into surgery and when they wake up. I would like to be their little piece of hope, the reassurance that they need.

  • Sarah AlmuslimawiBiological sciences, minor in psychology

    I'm inspired by my cousin's passion for surgery and how much she loves biology. I want to give back to the impoverished and provide them with basic healthcare.

  • Cydney GoldsteinBiological sciences, minor in sociology

    I want to offer more solutions for people like me who unfortunately cannot take pharmaceutical drugs due to allergies. I plan on combining two passions in order to better the future of medicine and also make different kinds of healthcare more accessible.

  • Ally SizemoreBiological sciences

    I chose my major based on my interest in the physical aspect of life. I hope to find a way to help people around the world, regardless of their financial situations.