Tevin Monroe: Warrior at heart

Wayne State students, professors, faculty and even the community recognize the friendly face of Tevin Monroe. With a passion to see everyone as more than just another face, Monroe advocates his beliefs to love everybody for who they are, not who they appear to be. 

Leaving his hometown of Kalamazoo, Mich. Monroe knew in his heart that Wayne State was the university for him. There was something about being in the D that excited him. Currently, he studies nutrition and food sciences and plans to minor in English.

“Growing up in a home that was always health conscious, I gained a passion to study foods in a scientific way,” says Monroe. “I want to get back to the roots of nutrition and find healthy solutions to problems, rather than relying just on medication.” 

Monroe’s impression of WSU has always been positive. As a student assistant for the Office of Marketing and Communications and a Warrior Guide for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, he is able to expose himself to a variety of different atmospheres. 

According to Jill De Jesus, former academic services officer, there is “something different and spectacular about Tevin. He goes out of his way to make not only students but parents feel comfortable with sending their child to Wayne State. We need passionate students like him to represent our school.”

It’s not about surviving another work day for Monroe, but rather showing enthusiasm and pride for the school he considers home. “Being able to communicate with people here has been the greatest source of entropy. It can go anywhere and that’s the beautiful part.”

In addition, Monroe is humbled and fulfilled knowing that he can make an impact on a student’s choice to attend WSU by simply expressing his love for the university throughout his tours. It’s very rewarding for Monroe to be able to offer comfort in these times of decision making. 

After Monroe earns his bachelor’s degree in May 2017, he plans to attend chiropractic school. He is thankful for the amazing opportunities Wayne State has already offered him and looks forward to many more adventures. 

“I love the diversity of ideas, backgrounds, and people represented here at WSU,” says Monroe. “I’ve had the opportunity to not only grow as a student but also as an employee within the university. This is something I’m very grateful for.”