Ryane Brown

Q&A with Ryane Brown: CLAS student senate rep and future lawyer

Political science major Ryane Brown has some big aspirations. In addition to being the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Student Senate Representative, she wants to bring opportunities for equitable economics and educational freedom to Detroit citizens. We sat down with Brown to talk about life at Wayne State and beyond.
Why did you choose Wayne State? 
It genuinely felt like home. I wanted a place where I study at for the next few years to be somewhere that I could thrive at just being who I am. Wayne State was that place for me. Once I found out about the amazing faculty and the great research that was done here, I was sold.
What are you studying and what do you plan to do when you graduate?
Honors Political Science major and an English minor. With my political science degree I plan to be an elected official and I plan on being an attorney as well.
How are you achieving your goals?
I am currently working for the policy analysts for Detroit City Councilmember Scott Benson. This job started as an internship, but it has taught me so much in such a short period of time about the many facets of local policy and the importance it has.
Why is political ideology your favorite class?
It allowed me the opportunity to take a deeper dive into why contemporary political powerhouses think the way they do. I began to understand how the thoughts of old have mold the way in which we operate not only in this country but with others.
Which of your professors stood out to you? 
Patrick Cooper-McCann, my super awesome urban planning professor, and Dr. Kefentse Chike, a wonderful African American studies professor. Both of these gentlemen are extremely passionate about what they teach, so much so I started gaining interest in the subject matter. They taught with conviction and they certainly made me a better student.
Why are you involved with the Student Senate? 
The senate has a history of creating positive change for students and that was something that I saw myself being a part of. I knew that once I was in it, I would be able to do some great work on behalf of the students.
Any advice for new Warriors?
My best piece of advice for an incoming freshman is to learn how to balance work and play. Of course you should have some fun, enjoy the football games and a few other festivities to get warmed up, but if you start off strong then you won’t have to stress later. Do not procrastinate and I promise things will run smoothly for you. All of the tools that you need to succeed are almost always right here under your nose.