AGRADE Sociology Spotlight: Jason Smith

AGRADE is an accelerated graduate enrollment program that allows students to complete their B.S. and M.S. degrees in five years.

Jason Smith, master's in sociology

What drew you to the AGRADE program?

I had never heard of the AGRADE program until Dr. Heather Dillaway in the sociology department had invited me to participate in it.  She explained that I could take graduate courses while earning my undergraduate degree. I knew I wanted to pursue a master’s in sociology, so it was a no-brainer. I could earn half my graduate degree as an undergrad? Sign me up!

How has the program been beneficial to you?

Because of the AGRADE program, I was able to maximize my time and money spent at WSU. It also helped tremendously in making the jump from undergraduate to graduate school a breeze. The most rewarding part was when I officially enrolled in the Graduate School and I only had 16 credits left until completion. AGRADE helped me stay on track and kept me focused.

Why did you choose to get two degrees from Wayne State University?

The AGRADE program really solidified my choice to obtain two degrees from Wayne State. The proximity to my residence and the thriving urban environment also contributed to my decision to attend WSU. The campus is top-notch and continues to improve, and the faculty has been extraordinarily helpful and encouraging. My experience at Wayne State University has been extremely rewarding and probably wouldn’t have been possible without the push and assistance that AGRADE provided.