Student Pennie Pelligrini holding shovel

AGRADE M.P.A. Spotlight: Pennie Pelligrini

AGRADE is an accelerated graduate enrollment program that allows students to complete their B.S. and M.S. degrees in five years.

Pennie Pelligrini, Master in Public Administration

What drew you to the AGRADE program?

I was drawn to the AGRADE program because I was a transfer student who needed approximately 50 credits to graduate, and had 19 credits to fill after completing my core and public affairs requirements. I was also drawn to the program because I was looking for a challenge. Many coworkers and friends told me about their experiences of graduate school being very different than undergrad—a different kind of comprehension and synthesis.

How has the program been beneficial to you? 

I have been able to fill 12 of the 19 extra credits with graduate classes that have challenged my critical thinking skills. I have been able to correlate a significant portion of my undergraduate courses into practical applications. Additionally, Dr. Jun has been an incredible advocate of the program, encouraging me to apply for the Master of Public Administration. I have also been awarded the AGRADE scholarship to assist with graduate school tuition.

Why did you choose to get two degrees from Wayne State University? 

I have been able to flourish as a non-traditional student and accomplish the undergraduate degree that I have been working to complete over the last 13 years. I did not come to WSU with the intention of attending graduate school, but through my acceptance into the AGRADE program, I now recognize how beneficial a higher level of education will expand my future career goals and opportunities.