AGRADE History Spotlight: Benjamin Thomason

AGRADE is an accelerated graduate enrollment program that allows students to complete their B.S. and M.S. degrees in five years.

Benjamin Thomason, master's in history

What drew you to the AGRADE program?

I knew that with funding for higher education being very low and costs very high, especially for master's programs in history, I would have to get as much done as I could while still getting extra help from my parents as an undergrad student.

I was already ahead in the credits I needed to graduate thanks to my AP tests, and I was up to the challenge of taking some harder classes to get some graduate credit. I needed to save money and I had the free time to dedicate to more school work thanks to the fact that my parents covered every expense my scholarships didn't cover.

How has the program been beneficial to you?

It has given me some good experience doing graduate-level research and writing, and I save some time and money for my master’s degree.

Why did you choose to get two degrees from Wayne State University?

I chose Wayne State because I liked the setting of the campus. It was located close to my house so I could save money not having to pay for a dorm or apartment, and I believe the professors and classes on campus are of good quality while tuition is a bit more affordable than most.

I also think the UROP is a great opportunity for undergraduates to get some real professional experience to prepare them for graduate school and I don't know of other local universities offering programs like it.