Portrait of Faith Doyle

Advisor Spotlight: Meet comm sci/African American studies/urban studies advisor Faith Doyle

Advisor Faith Doyle advises three departments within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: communication sciences and disorders, African American studies and urban studies planning. Doyle has a B.A. in education and says that her major taught her skills that she needed to connect with students and to help guide them through their academic career. 

What’s one of the biggest mistakes you made when you were an undergraduate student?

I did not take my freshman year as seriously as I needed. It is truly the building block for a strong GPA throughout your undergraduate program. 

What approach do you take when advising your students?

I take a holistic approach. I listen to the needs of my advisees and help to incorporate the work/life and class schedule balance. Also, I assist in addressing any issues (or referring to the appropriate department) relating to career services, mental health and other pertinent issues that affect academics.

Do you have any advice for incoming students? 

Create a realistic class schedule and work with your academic advisor throughout your program!

Any advice for graduating students?

Take a breath and SMILE that you made it! Connect with faculty, students and alum upon completing your degree. 

How can students connect with you remotely?

Students can contact me by phone at 313-577-8804 or email at faith.doyle@wayne.edu.