CLAS welcomes new faculty for fall 2023

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) welcomes more than two dozen new faculty from across the globe this fall. With expertise ranging from aging workers to science communication, their portfolios promise to usher in a new academic era at WSU. Join us as we introduce a few of the brilliant minds poised to reshape the CLAS landscape this coming semester.

Cort W. Rudolph

Department of Psychology

Cort W. Rudolph"I am very excited to join the faculty in the Department of Psychology. There are a number of things I look forward to. This role offers exciting avenues for intellectual exchange, educational innovation, research advancement, community involvement and personal development. I'm thrilled about the journey ahead, poised to shape both students' lives and the field of psychology itself."

Dolly Tittle

Department of Classical and Modern, Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Dolly Tittle"I have been in Wayne State for almost two decades as part-time faculty, GTA, Ph.D. student and now as an assistant professor of teaching - Spanish and director of the Spanish basic sequence.

The location of this large research university, the incredible professors, the dynamic student body and the compelling courses offered every semester makes this institution one of the indisputable best! I look forward to offering students new opportunities to engage the Spanish language here at home and encourage them to go abroad!"

Patrick Mbullo Owuor

Department of Anthropology and Public Health

Patrick Mbullo OwuorPatrick is a biocultural anthropologist whose work lies at the intersection of culture, biology and the environment. In his long-standing commitment to collaborative and community-based participatory research, Patrick has been involved in numerous public health interventions to address global health issues, including health disparities in contemporary marginalized populations.

Byung Min

Department of Political Science

Byung Min"I'm excited about the opportunity to engage in groundbreaking research and contribute to the academic community at WSU."

Christina Costa

Department of Psychology

Christina Costa"I am so excited to be back teaching in the city of Detroit. Before my Ph.D., I taught middle school science and now I am thrilled to be back in the higher education capacity."

Jeremy Milloy

Department of History

Jeremy Milloy"I am excited to be in the classroom with Wayne State students, developing historical skills that open up our understandings of the past, our present, and possible futures."

Inna Mirzoyan

Department of Sociology

Inna Mirzoyan"I'm looking forward to interacting with students of different backgrounds and forming a community with faculty members."

Tom Kuntzleman

Department of Chemistry

Tom KuntzlemanTom's interests include chemical education, informal science education and applying methods of chemical research to exploring various phenomena of interest to the general public.

Jaymelee Kim

Department of Anthropology

Jaymelee KimJaymelee is a four-field, applied anthropologist who earned her Ph.D. and graduate certificates in linguistics and disasters, displacement and human rights at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Her diverse research agenda includes mixed methods approaches that focus on forensic and justice-based survivor interventions and care for the dead in the aftermath of human rights violations.

Irina Monich

Linguistics Program

Irina MonichIrina is an experienced researcher in linguistics with a demonstrated history of working in academia and corporate environments.

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