Academic advising changes due to COVID-19 recommendations

Face-to-face advising suspended

Advising appointments will be conducted via Microsoft Teams ideally or by phone or email if necessary.

In accordance with the university recommendations and in response to university suspension of in-person classes, we will be conducting all advising appointments virtually until further notice.

  • If you have already scheduled an advising appointment, please know your advisor will reach out to you with instructions for the appointment
  • If you do not hear from your advisor, please email them directly
  • Please use the normal scheduling tool (STARS) to schedule your virtual advising appointments. Note that your advisor will initiate the appointment through Microsoft Teams. Phone and email appointments are available for students or advisors who prefer those formats
  • Please be patient with us as prior appointments may be running long due to the nature of this situation. We will do our best to initiate the appointment as close to the start of the scheduled appointment as possible but ask that you are logged in and available at your scheduled time. You will find instructions on how to use Microsoft Teams below.

    During your appointment, please make every effort to be in a quiet space to ensure clear communication. For best service, please be logged into Microsoft Teams from a laptop, tablet or desktop with webcam/microphone capabilities to ensure full usage of the software including video, audio and screen sharing.

    Student instructions: Accessing Microsoft Teams for advising appointments

    As a WSU student, you have access to several of the applications available via Microsoft including Teams. If you choose this method to conduct an appointment with an academic advisor, here are the things you'll need to know:

  • You MUST access Teams from your WSU Microsoft account. Advisors will not conduct virtual appointments using any other software
  • The online version of Teams (the one you access when logging into your account via Academica) does not allow for video conferences. To access the video conferencing capabilities, do one of the following:
  • Download and install the desktop version on your computer or laptop using your WSU email and password (your computer or laptop will need a webcam in order for this option to work)
  • Download the Microsoft Teams app on your tablet or smartphone and log in using your WSU email and password (or search your platform's app store). Please note that this may limit your interaction capabilities during your appointment: Download Microsoft Teams for iOS (Apple) or Download Microsoft Teams for Android/(Google)
  • What you should know before your meeting

  • Please join the meeting at your scheduled appointment time. If you are late to join, we may not be able to accommodate an extension to the meeting time
  • Please be prepared and dressed as though you are attending an in-person meeting
  • As we will most likely be going over your academic record, we strongly recommend that you use a desktop/laptop with a stable internet connection in a quiet area to ensure safety and security
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you are in an environment that complies with all Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) rules and regulations. That is, you do not want anyone to be able to overhear your personal information. If you are in a public space, it may be a good idea to utilize headphones, so your information stays private. Requesting a Teams meeting is your acknowledgment of the FERPA rules and regulations
  • If you choose to use your phone, please do not do so while driving. We reserve the right to end the meeting if this occurs
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