Undergrad student, Chidera Ubah wins ADA award


Chidera Ubah, an undergraduate student in Sadagurski Lab, was awarded a competitive Minority Undergraduate Internship Award from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for a period of one year. Chidera is an Honors student in Biological Sciences, with a Minor in Public Health. Her ADA project titled: “The role of hypothalamic GHR-SIRT1 axis in energy homeostasis” will be performed under the direct supervision of postdoctoral fellow in the lab Dr. Juliana Lima. Chidera will be studying the links between epigenetic master regulator Sir2 (silent information regulator 2) ortholog SIRT1 and the neuroendocrine systems in the brain in response to diet-induced obesity. These studies will lay the groundwork for understanding the essential components required to maintain normal metabolic physiology, which is crucial as we seek to determine the potential therapeutic targets for the ongoing epidemic of obesity. Chidera’s research in Sadagurski lab is currently funded by the Michigan Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (MI-LSAMP) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF)

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