Ph.D students Krabbenhoft and Sosin receive the Michigan Garden Club scholarship


Two Ph.D. students in ecology and evolutionary biology, Corey Krabbenhoft and Julia Sosin, have been honored with scholarships from the Michigan Garden Clubs. The Michigan Garden Clubs Scholarship Fund is supported by member clubs and individuals. It operates on a non-profit basis to support the education of deserving college and university students of Michigan in the fields of horticulture, floriculture, environmental studies, crop and soil sciences, landscape architecture, biology, botany and other fields of study pertinent to the aims and goals of the Michigan Garden Clubs.

Corey Krabbenhoft is a Ph.D. student studying aquatic ecology under the direction of Professor Donna Kashian. She is interested in how human-mediated changes to the environment may impact the ability of invasive species to persist or to invade new areas. Her goal is to provide current distribution data on a specific invasive fish common in Michigan and determine the environmental context that allows this invader to persist.

Julia Sosin is a Ph.D. student studying forest ecology under the direction of Professor Dan Kashian. Her research focuses on re-sampling permanent plots in jack pine forests of northern Lower Michigan to extend a 30-year collection of data. Her work will characterize changes in vegetation and fuels with the purpose of informing managers about the changing risk of wildfire in these forests as they age.

The Department of Biological Sciences congratulates both Corey and Julia for receiving the Michigan Garden Club Scholarship, and we thank the Michigan Garden Clubs for providing this important support to our students.

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