Biological sciences Ph.D. student selected for the Large Lake Champion Award

The International Association for Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) has selected Ali Shakoor as one of the inaugural honorees for the Large Lake Champion Award.

Ali brings his love of the outdoors and Great Lakes science to underrepresented communities, and he brings his expertise on topics such as fish consumption advisories, fisheries science, abiotic effects on fish biology and ecology, microplastics, and invasive species to anglers and conservation clubs.

His media appearances alone during the pandemic are too numerous to list here. The IAGLR Awards Committee admired Ali's ability to bridge the divide between research and practice in a way that is engaging to the public. They were also impressed with his work with Detroit K-12 groups and as a featured speaker at the Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit, showing his interest in stepping beyond media engagement to reach out directly to members of his community.

We congratulate Ali on his award!

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