Ph.D. student receives 2023 Armstrong-Bromel Graduate Teaching Award

Maggie Sneideman in a dark blue shirtMaggie Sneideman, a Ph.D. student in the Meller lab, has received the 2023 Armstrong-Bromel Graduate Teaching Award.

Maggie received her Bachelor of Science from Kalamazoo College before joining the Wayne State University Ph.D. program in biological sciences. Her Ph.D. thesis research focuses on dosage compensation in the fruit fly X-chromosome. Maggie was a graduate teaching assistant in genetics (Bio 3070) and was nominated by several of her students.

"She makes learning fun and inclusive. She has a great upbeat personality and cares about what she does and it shows. Academics like Maggie are hard to come by and it is a no brainer that I would nominate her for this award!"

"She looks out for us and genuinely wants us to understand the course rather than just memorize. I have never had a TA as good as her that actually teaches difficult parts of the class rather than just sending us off with assignments to complete."

"She's willing to stay beyond class time despite her busy schedule in order to make sure that we have a good understanding of our content."

"If she were a professor, I would be sure to take every class of hers."

The Department of Biological Sciences received over 100 nominations for this award, almost all from undergraduates. We congratulate Maggie and all our exceptional, hardworking GTAs!

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