Congratulations to our newest student alumnae!

Master's of science

M.S. biological sciences

Name Year Presentation Advisor
Lisa Hanna 2019 Spiracles, trachea, and glands: development and evolution of an insect respiratory system Aleksandar Popadić
Asia Hightower 2020 Functional specialization of alternative zinc finger proteins in vegetative and reproductive meristem regulation Edward Golenberg
Julia Sosin 2019 Successional changes in plant ecological species groups and fuels on a jack pine-dominated landscape in northern lower Michigan Daniel Kashian

M.S. biotechnology

Name Year Project Advisor
Lisa Koshko 2020 Metabolic reprogramming by in utero maternal benzene exposure Marianna Sadagurski
Aaron Kren 2020 Visualization of the effects of MSL recruiting elements on chromosome location Victoria Meller

Master's of arts

Name Year
Hazar Younis 2020

Doctor of philosophy

Name Year Dissertation Advisor
Brooke Feeley 2020 The role of SER/THR phosphorylation on MRPC, a master transcriptional regulator controlling the Myxococcus Xanthus developmental program Penelope Higgs
Han Cheong 2019 Abelson tyrosine kinase links axon guidance receptors to cytoskeletal dynamics through protein-protein interactions mediated by its C-terminal domain Mark VanBerkum
Zuzer Dhoondia 2020 Termination-independent role of Rat1 in cotranscriptional splicing in budding yeast Athar Ansari
Shashwat Mishra 2020 Specific sensory neurons and insulin-like peptides modulate discrete stages of C. elegans oogenesis in response to food quality Joy Alcedo
Abby Wicks 2019 Evolutionary ecology of the native Johnny Darter (Etheostoma nigrum) and the invasive round goby (Neogobius melanostomus): A genomic perspective Thomas Dowling

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