Lendrum featured in journal of Sport and Society


Jenny Lendrum, Ph.D. candidate and graduate teaching assistant published in the June 2015 edition of Journal of Sporting Cultures and Identities.

Her article "Motivations, Limitations, and Guilt:  Women who Marathon" is based on her master's thesis. In addition, Lendrum received a Graduate Scholar Award for 2015 from Sport and Society and will be presenting her master's thesis work at the Sport and Society conference in July 2015.

Following is the abstract from her article.

"The purpose of this research is to explore women's experiences as marathoners. Through in-depth interviews and the use of an existing survey tool (MOMS survey), I explore the motivations and limitations of twenty black and white American women marathon runners. This study focuses on women who run recreationally and not competitively. The women in the study run for multiple and evolving motivations including health & fitness, mental health, problem-solving, the social component of running, goal achievement, competition, and lastly, freedom and empowerment. They also experience gendered constraints and feelings of guilt associated with their participation in the sport. Because black women who run recreationally are noticeably absent from existing research, my study helps to fill the gap in the literature by analyzing and comparing this group of women's experiences and perceptions of their participation in marathon running."Jenny Lendrum

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