A statement from the chair regarding COVID-19


Dear psychology community/family,

As the department chair, I wanted to reach out to each of you during this unprecedented challenge and remind you that we are all in this together. As our community is dealing with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the primary goal is the health of each of you and your loved ones. While many of you belong to a group that may experience less (or no symptoms), you still may carry the disease and your actions will affect the lives of your family and others, so please be very careful with your choices. Your professors are now working hard to switch their lectures to online. While some professors may be more prepared/ knowledgeable with online instruction, be assured that all faculty are committed to providing the best instruction possible. None of us were prepared for this, so please be patient and respectful while we all adjust to these new methods of teaching and learning.

Similarly, I understand as students this is also an adjustment for you and learning this way may take work. So I hope professors are also patient and respectful. As we progress through these uncertain times, your resilience, will and character will be tested.  Many individuals are still trying to understand how to best cope with today’s "new normal," while others have learned to manage it and move on. Times like these challenge not only our mental toughness but also our capacity to grow and accept non-traditional ways of doing things. As WSU Warriors, I ask you to have a new level of awareness and appreciation of how we must become more innovative in how we think and act in our daily lives.

Feel free to reach out via email to your advisors (with your course planning and academic questions as usual) or with me regarding any concerns about the program. I am also worried some of you may not have the electronic resources in place to manage the next few months. We are a community/family – do not hesitate to reach out to me or our advisors with these types of concerns, as we may be able to facilitate some help.

Your generation is facing so many challenges and we need a workforce able to address these and make a difference. You are now witnessing the effect policy and politics have on the disease progression as you look at different responses among various nations and states. As department chair, my goals are to make sure you stay safe and are able to continue your studies so that you can walk out of Wayne State as better-informed and strong leaders in your field. 

As WSU Warriors, I again ask you to have a new level of awareness and appreciation of how we must become more creative in how we think, act and innovate in our daily lives. I hope you approach these changes with a positive attitude; now is a time to reflect on your dreams for your future and what you might do to achieve those dreams.

Please take care of yourselves and others.

Dr. Scott Bowen, professor and chair

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