New faculty members - Kristin O'Donovan and Alisa Moldavanova


The Department of Political Science has hired two new faculty during the 2012-13 academic year: Dr. Kristin O'Donovan and Dr. Alisa Moldavanova. These faculty will replace, respectively, Professor Charles Elder and Professor Richard Elling who, after a combined 72 years of service to the Department of Political Science, retired in June.

Dr. Kristin O'Donovan, Assistant Professor, is the product of an excellent doctoral program at North Caroline State University and is a specialist in the field of Public Policy. Dr. O'Donovan has written a book chapter on flood mitigation policy that will appear later this year in an edited collection on issues in public policy. In addition, she has two working papers (one on land acquisition policy and the other on disaster relief) in production as well as a journal article that is currently under review. It is expected that with her training and research orientation, Dr. O'Donovan will soon become a widely-recognized scholar in her field.

Dr. Alisa Moldavanova, Assistant Professor, is a graduate of the School of Public Affairs and Administration at the University of Kansas - one the best in those areas of specialization in the country. It is the expectation of the Department that Alisa will quickly distinguish herself as an important scholar in the field of Public Administration. Of particular note, Alisa Moldavanova possesses qualitive methodological skills as well as the ability to teach courses and conduct research in the area of nonprofit organizations; this focus is a welcome addition since it resides outside of the expertise of our current departmental faculty. We believe that with her training and research orientation, Alisa will soon publish in the top journals in her field.

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