Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

This National Science Foundation (NSF) funded program is designed to provide students and teachers with an introduction to the world of scientific research in the fields of particle, nuclear, and astrophysics.

REU program goals

  • Exposing undergraduates and science teachers to the latest modern research 
  • Educating  students and teachers in different laboratory techniques
  • Motivating undergraduates towards careers in science
  • Improving the oral and written communication skills of the students
  • Fostering partnerships with the metropolitan science teachers and schools

Research areas

High Energy Particle and Nuclear Physics/Astrophysics Program

Participants in the REU program may elect to conduct their research at one of two laboratories, FNAL or SLAC, or at Wayne State University, and collaborate with physicists from the ALICE, CDF, CMS, ILC, STAR, LSST, or SDSS collaborations. The laboratories provide unique research opportunities including:

  • Experimental astrophysics
  • Experimental particle physics
  • Experimental nuclear physics
  • Theoretical particle physics
  • Theoretical nuclear physics
  • Instrumentation for scientific research
  • High performance distributed computing
  • Human genome decoding
  • Nuclear chemistry

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