Congratulations to all speakers and poster presenters at the 8th annual Graduate Research Day


The 8th annual Department of Physics & Astronomy Graduate Research Day was held April 20, 2017.  There was another great program this year that included seven research presentations (listed below), a guest lecture, a poster session, and a pizza dinner.  The guest speaker, Dr. Suneetha Devpura (a former WSU Physics graduate student and now a Senior Associate Physicist at Henry Ford Health System), presented a very interesting talk on Raman spectroscopy for early stage diagnosis of cancer and assessment of radiation therapy response. 

Excellent presentations were made by the following graduate students:
Amit Kumar, Resolution of the jet quenching parameter qˆ puzzle
Rachael Merritt, The thermal state of KS 1731−260 after 14.5 years in quiescence
Derek E. Hazard, Lepton flavor violating quarkonium decays
Kraig Andrews, High performance 2D transistors enabled by a novel contact strategy
Mohammad Saleh, ALICE measures shape of the QGP fireball at freeze-out
Jon Troyer, Spectral-timing analysis of neutron star low-mass X-ray binary systems
Joydeep Roy, Imposing LHC constraints on the combined anomaly and Z’-mediation mechanism of supersymmetry breaking

And congratulations to the Poster Award Winners!
1st place - Ayesh Gunawardana
2nd place - Justin Raupp
3rd place - Nick Elsey

Many thanks to the organizers: Parisa Bashiri, Steven Dye, Nicholas Elsey, Derek Hazard, Edward Kramkowski, Namita Shokeen, Jon Troyer, Xinxin Woodward, Gil Paz, and Joern Putschke


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