Bachelors of Science in Physics with Honors

The bachelor of science (B.S.) in physics (or biomedical physics) with Honors curriculum is designed to challenge highly motivated students through their outstanding scholastic achievement and to develop interest in research and scholarly activity by providing students with an opportunity to work with faculty members. Additional coursework is required to graduate with honors.

Total number of Honors credits required (including seminar and thesis): 24 credits

Minimum GPA required: 3.30 overall, and 3.50 in physics courses (see list below)


Select the Honors option in three of the following (9 – 12 credits). At least one of these three courses should be selected from the 5000 or 6000 level.

Course Title Cr.
PHY 2140 General Physics II (algebra-based) 3
PHY 2180 General Physics II (calculus-based) 4
PHY 3300 Introductory Modern Physics 3
PHY 5100 Methods of Theoretical Physics I 3
PHY 5200 Classical Mechanics I 3
PHY 5210 Classical Mechanics II 3
PHY 5340/5341 Optics with Lab 5
PHY 500 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics 4
PHY 5620 Electronics and Electrical Measurements 5
PHY 6400 Quantum Physics I 3
PHY 6410 Quantum Physics II 3
PHY 6600 Electricity and Magnetism I 4
PHY 6610 Electricity and Magnetism II 4
PHY 6850 Modern Physics Laboratory 2

In addition to the above, the following is also required:

Course Title Cr.
PHY 5990 Independent Research and Thesis
Two semesters of research with a faculty member. A written thesis and an oral presentation of thesis are required. The thesis plan must be approved by the BMP Program Director prior to conducting the research. Ask the Dept undergraduate advisor for more information.
HON 4200 – 4280 Honors Seminar 3
HON xxxx 6 – 9 additional Honors credits in any department, as needed, for a total of 24 Honors credits to satisfy the biomedical physics honors program requirement.    6-9

Combined University and Departmental Honors

Students admitted fall 2008 or later will require 36 total credits to earn both physics and University Honors. The additional 12 credits may be earned in any department.


Dawn Niedermiller, Undergraduate Advisor