Bachelor of Science in Dietetics

The bachelor of science in dietetics is designed for students who are interested in clinical nutrition practice. The Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD), preparing the entry-level generalist dietitian, requires four years of undergraduate study with practical experience coordinated during the senior year. The latter replaces the internship following graduation.

The program is granted accreditation status by the American Dietetic Association. Application to the professional program is made upon completion of the pre-professional courses and is open to undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate students. A separate, competitive application process is required for entry into the CPD.

The deadline for application is April 1 each year with entry into the program only in the fall semester.

Application forms are obtained from the department office. Because of the combination of coursework and internship, the program must be completed on a full-time basis. Jobs are available for registered dietitians in hospitals, government agencies, community health services, medical clinic, health maintenance organizations, and long-term care and food service facilities.

About the program

The Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD) has as its mission the successful education and training of outstanding dietetics professionals and service to the community in which the university is located.

The CPD's educational emphasis is medical nutrition therapy, in particular as it relates to nutrition and chronic diseases, which affect a disproportionate segment of Michigan residents, and particularly those in the community. In addition, the CPD strives to serve the state of Michigan, and in particular the southeastern region, from which come the majority of university students, and in which the majority seek employment upon program completion.

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