Prerequisites courses

The list of prerequisites for the dietetics program does not include university degree requirements for courses such as computer literacy, critical thinking, English, foreign language, etc. All grades of "D" for prerequisite courses must be repeated.

If you want to check on the equivalency of similar courses at another college or university, see transferring credits from other institutions or visit the transfer credit search engine to see if the courses are equivalent. You can also request a list of equivalent courses for many local colleges not included on our site from the University Advising Center.

You do not need to have all the prerequisite courses completed to apply by the April 1 deadline; you just need a plan to complete them before the following fall semester. However, the more of these courses that are completed at the time of application, the more competitive your application will be.

Students with a transcript from another country (including Canada) must obtain a course-by-course transcript evaluation.

You can access the upcoming semester Schedule of Classes to find out when specific courses will be offered.

Course # Title Credits
BIO 1510 Basic Life Mechanisms (Biology) 4
BIO 2870 Anatomy/Physiology 5
BIO 2200 Microbiology 5
CHM 1220 Chemistry, Inorganic 4
CHM 1230 Chemistry Lab, Inorganic 1
CHM 1240 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHM 1250 Organic Chemistry I – Lab 1
CHM 2220 Organic Chemistry II 4
STA 1020 Statistics 3
PSY 1020 Psychology 3
ANT 2100 or
SOC 2000

Anthropology or Sociology

ECO 2010 Microeconomics 4
MGT 2530 Management 3
NFS 2130 Food Science 3
NFS 2140 Food Science – Lab 1
NFS 2030 Nutrition and Health 3
NFS 3230 Human Nutrition 3
NFS 2220 Human Nutrition – Lab 1

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